GOTV Strategies

GOTV Strategies

Who is TX Votes?

TX Votes is a year-round student-led civic engagement organization on campus at the University of Texas at Austin dedicated to increasing electoral participation and providing civic education and respectful dialogue leading up to elections and beyond. For more information about TX Votes or answers to questions about voting as a Texas college student - visit our new website

Why should young people care about voting?

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Politicians want to keep their jobs, so they listen to the voters. If young people are not perceived to be politically relevant, then their issues are less likely to get attention.

Politics impacts your life. Taxes, jobs, the environment, student financial aid, interest rates, and government funding for higher education are all issues that will have a direct impact on you today and tomorrow.

Because you can. You have always been able to vote, so you may take it for granted. But it took a lot of fighting to get the youth vote. Respect it by showing up.

Strategies for Getting Out the Vote on Campus

Anyone can participate in Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities. It's a great public service activity for student organizations, fraternities and sororities, or issue advocacy groups. These links will provide ideas for activities that your group can go to participate in getting young people to the polls this election!

Learn what other campuses across the nation have done to get their students registered to vote.

Did you know that going door to door increased the likelihood that a person would vote by 9.8 percent? Learn about Yale University's Get Out the Vote Research

Learn the Young Voter Mobilization Strategies (PDF)

Check out Nonprofit VOTE's GOTV handy 1-pager (PDF)