TX Votes

TX Votes is a student organization that organizes voter registration and voter education activities to increase campus civic engagement and electoral awareness.

TX Votes is a student organization at the University of Texas at Austin that invites students campus wide to increase electoral participation and create more voters and better citizens. Each election cycle, TX Votes, in partnership with the Annette Strauss Institute, organizes and coordinates Get Out the Vote activities including registration booths, deputization sessions, and campus competitions. During off election cycles, TX Votes educates the UT community and engages in respectful and civil discourse on important issues.

TX Votes meets every other Thursday at 7:00 p.m. New members can join at any point in the semester.

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TX Votes offers opportunities to register University of Texas students to vote. If you are a student organization, professor, institute, etc. that would like to have us out to register your students to vote, please fill out this short form.

TX Votes hosting annual fundraiser with goal of $5,000


Why Should You Support This Project?

Civic engagement in the state of Texas is abysmal, but UT Austin students consistently vote at higher rates than the rest of the state. Texas constantly ranks as one of the lowest states for voter turnout. Research shows that individuals need to start voting at a young age if they are to create a habit of voting. Students at the University of Texas represent communities across the state that will benefit from increased voter turnout in the future. In addition, many voters lack the information they need to vote and do not know who or what to turn to in order to get that information. We want to be considered a trusted source that will provide nonpartisan information that especially relates to UT students. Lastly, the students who participate in TX Votes walk away with skills, experiences, and connections that will help them in their future. We want to be able to provide this opportunity to all students who are interested in joining TX Votes.

What Will You Be Funding as a Donor?

The money raised during the annual TX Votes Hornraiser accounts for 75% of our budget, excluding pay for staff support, which is provided by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life. Our regular expenses include: materials needed for voter registration (clipboards, pens, sticky notes, etc), cost for the approximately eight on-campus events we host every year, food for TX Votes and CEA meetings, t-shirts, and recruitment materials. We also plan to invite more speaks to campus. This project will allow us to bring in different members of government - both elected and appointed - to speak with members of the UT community. We hope this, in addition to more civic discourse and government training for TX Votes members, will allow UT students to be more engaged both on campus and in their communities.

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TX Votes in the News

TX Votes Events

Women in Politics Panel with TX Votes

Texas Orange Jackets and TX Votes invite you to a panel of Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir, Council Member Kathie Tovo, Commissioner Brigid Shea, ACC Trustee Stephanie Gharakhanian, and State Representative Gina Hinojosa. They will be discussing how they use their roles in government to empower women and what it is like being a woman in government and politics. Light refreshments will be provided.

RSVP Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/328181147835798/.

2018 Election Cycle By the Numbers

  • 6,812 = # of People Registered by TX Votes Members

    • (Many TX Votes members register students as part of numerous student organizations.)

  • 264 = # of Classrooms Registered to Vote by TX Votes Members

  • 2 = # of Polling Locations on Campus

  • 500+ = # of Students at UT Austin Trained to Register Travis County Voters

  • 13,820 = # of People Registered to Vote by All UT Austin Trained VDRs

  • 26,943 = # of People who Voted at On-Campus Polling Locations

2018 Election Cycle - TX Votes in the News

2018 Election Cycle Events

Election Night Watch Party for All

Texas Rising and TX Votes co-hosted the nonpartisan Election Night Watch Party for All, with election bingo, a screening of election results, food, and more!

Jason Taper wins TX Votes' Pick Your Politician Contest

Jason Taper beat out over 100 other UT students in our version of Fantasy Football for Political Nerds. By selecting the candidates or results correctly that he expected to win the 2018 midterm election.

VoteFest Provided a Fun Space for All to Vote

A coalition of UT Austin organizations joined together for an all-day celebration of civic engagement at Vote Fest 2018 on November 1. There were free concerts from local Austin bands, The Alex Freeman Trio, Corey Baum, and Warren Hood. There was a photo booth, breakfast tacos, and the chance to sign-up to vote with members of the UT and Austin community.

TX Votes hosts the Texas Voting Summit

A two-day Texas Voting Summit was hosted on August 20th and 21st by TX Votes, in partnership with the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life, Campus Vote Project, The Democracy Commitment, and Campus Compact. Students and faculty members from 35 Texas higher education institutions gathered at the Texas Capitol and the University of Texas at Austin in order to discuss and plan to improve voter registration and education on Texas school campuses.

TX Votes raises $4,590.01, surpassing $2,000 spring Hornraiser goal

TX Votes wants to thank everyone who donated to our spring Hornraiser. We raised $4,590.01due to your generosity. With the support of 56 different donors, TX Votes will be able to create a more civically engaged UT.

Students Celebrate Voting with Parade to the Polls for Primary Election

Led by Student Government, Graduate Student Assembly, Senate of College Councils, and TX Votes leaders, the Parade to the Polls was an opportunity for students to show off their love for voting and democracy with a parade and t-shirts provided by the Graduate Student Assembly.

TX Votes Awards and Recognition

  • 2018 Voter Friendly Campus
  • 2017 Outstanding Student Organization Tower Award Recipient
  • 2016 ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge Bronze Seal Award
    • Overall Most Improved Undergraduate Voter Turnout
    • Best-in-Class Large Campus Most Improved Voting Rate

UT Austin Voting Data & Campus Plan