It's Time for Young Adults to Vote by Shelly Spencer

It's Time for Young Adults to Vote by Shelly Spencer

Election season is in full swing and it is time to wake up and vote. It may seem like individual votes don’t matter but every vote counts and will influence the Electoral College. The most important group of people who need to go to the polls is the young adults. The young voters have never been high in numbers but it is time to change that.

Our generation spends countless amount of time complaining about the world on social media sites but the majority of us do not do anything to change how things are being run. Voting in not only the presidential elections but also local elections is a practice that the young adults need to take up. People who do not vote have no right to complain about the state of the government or the policies being passed.

The youth are the future, but there will be no future valuable to us if we don’t take the steps necessary to mold the government into the shape that best fits our needs. As the world changes it’s time for policies to change, but that is not possible if the upcoming majority will not step out of their comfort zones and take charge.

Our generation of lazy voters has a very low political efficacy, meaning they do not believe their vote matters, and it’s time to change that. In this election we are being faced with decisions that will affect the younger population. One party is targeting women’s bodies in regard to their reproductive rights. The other is addressing untraditional marriage which could lead to the legalization of gay marriage. These topics like many others confronted by our government directly concern the youth but the youth are having no part in passing these legislatures. Being directly concerned with an issue makes you the most qualified to make a decision.

Since we won our independence from Britain, over a million of people have died in order to protect the rights that we established for the people, by the people. By ignoring the issues and not taking advantage of the privileges we have been given we are wasting the lives that have been given to protect us. There is no reason to send our sons to die if we are not going to take advantage of powers we have been given.

The election in 2008 had the highest young adult turn out in years. Let’s make this a trend in the upcoming election. It is time to take the country in our control. We are the future and we deserve to have policies that protect our interests, but this cannot be reached by sitting on a couch. If you are over 18 years old on Nov. 6 take the right given to you and cast your ballot.