Essay - by Conner Wilkinson

Tex Elects

Why should you vote?

Why should you vote? There’s probably no point at all, I’m just one measly, petite vote in a crowd of almost 300 million people, in fact, I am absolutely sure of it won’t make a difference. Actually, this is a completely false statement. There are a lot of ways why the American people should vote! Three reasons to vote are that it is a responsibility, you get to fight what you think right for our economy, which includes housing, taxes, and the jaw-dropping, sky-rocketing gas prices that take a whole bunch of money out of your wallet. There is also the Iraq War, which many people think we should continue.

Since our government is a representative democracy, it is your, and my responsibility to vote. Plus, by voting, hopefully your friends, relatives, and people you know will follow you footsteps and see that voting is the right thing to do for our blessed country. This is my first reason why I believe that the American people should vote.

Another major topic is the Iraq War. Many people wish to continue in the war as we are doing, because once you commit to something, you have to follow it through. However, many people think if we continue, we could be wasting billions of dollars, and the lives of thousands of troops who have their own wives, husbands, and children. You should shout out to the world about how you think about this situation by voting at the ballet office this Election Day.

Health care and education. Health Care. Education. These 3 simple words that you learned in kindergarten actually form a big picture in my mind. Many elderly people cannot afford health care and if they suffer a heart attack, they are in debt. Education for the children is a gigantic problem too. Many unfortunate families with young children never attend school. Teens, usually after their first or second year of high school, drop out and begin working at such a young age to deal with the his or hers family’s financial problems. If you do vote, you can exclaim to our nation that these children and elderly people need your help to give them the necessities they need.

As you can see, voting is crucial for the future of the United States of America. If I were you, I would fight, fight for the right to give those people out there or even you the things you need to survive and thrive in our economy. Give your opinion about the Iraq War, Health care, education. Remember, Every vote counts!