Essay - by Alexa Villarreal

Tex Elects

“Devoted, I Voted”

Decisions; we face them in every-day life. This November 4th, America is going to decide united, and the key to the United States’ future is going to be in the hands of those eighteen or older. If you’re over 18, we children will depend on you, and trust your decision to make our future a safe and effective future. So the reasons anyone 18 or over the current age and proud citizen of these United States should vote are numerous, but the best three I can think of are: the decisions of the people and the candidate might make international wars, so vote for whoever you think can keep this country running smoothly. The other two reasons are to make a better future for tomorrow, and if you care about your family, you might want to vote and think ahead about your family and the generations that will come along after it. It might make a change in history and life as we know it; but again, no pressure. Vote freely. Don’t come up again with the excuse “It’s boring,” because that is not even a good excuse anymore.

Voting is serious, and that is why people 18 and/or over are the ones that are not restricted. It takes maturity, intelligence, wisdom, and life-knowledge. Kids don’t have that much experience to vote, but we are the ones that will live to the future of your decisions. Make a better and brighter future for the children to wake up being proud and honored of being an American, not feeling discouraged or disadvantaged at all. We want to wake up peacefully, our minds at ease, knowing that the problems this country has already faced are not going to be repeated. We want to wake up to chirping birds and the sound of our mothers’ humble voices, not ear-splitting screams and atomic bombs. The decision of adults across America will be made, and the decision might change everything. From wars and revolutions, to peace and treaties, we’re depending on you. We want to see America free, and we want to see our country’s flag soaring above us, still standing, as if it were excited to be firmly attached to the flagpole. We want more people to arrive, not for people to flee. Your vote is the only answer that will either clear out things or annihilate them.

I think these are enough reasons to try to make your decision. The important and colossal point of this whole essay is to go vote. Millions of Americans don’t vote (shameful, right?), considering everyone has a right to nowadays. Back in the days, women couldn’t vote. Take the advantage and vote. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Look at the advantage like this: it is like having your personal license. Now you can vote for a leader, and no matter what result, you know you gave your opinion to the country and that you had your reasons. It will feel good when you finally decide. Go vote.