Editorial by Devin Moreno

Editorial by Devin Moreno

Teens and young adults across the nation have a whole list of things to do that are “more important” than voting. They need to go pay their bills, manage their finances for college, and maybe even take care of their children. But what they really need to realize is the true importance of voting and the weight it carries over what they think is “more important”. If students and young adults alike were to vote based on issues concerning them, they wouldn’t have to stress as much about certain bills, financial aid, and even childcare. Why? It’s because their vote can really impact the elections, thus resulting in their favored candidate and their favored policies that may involve hot topics such as the educational and healthcare systems. There are many misconceptions about voting including age, wealth, and social status, but neither of these should be reasons why young adults don’t vote.

The first common misconception about voting is that you have to be old to vote. This is most definitely not the case. Examples of this to get one away from such corrupt and inaccurate thinking include the use of hot topics again. Healthcare doesn’t just affect the old does it? Neither does education. When one votes, they vote for what they believe in regardless of age. Whether one is old or young, they should vote because their vote counts and will really impact the rest of their life.

The second misconception is closely related to the first. It is common for people to associate education with age. Therefore, if older people are voting, that means they are more educated, and that is the reason they are voting. One might think they mustn’t vote because they don’t have degrees or higher educational training in a specific area. This is not applicable to the status quo. What young adults need to realize is that all it takes to be able to make an accurate vote is common sense, proper, common knowledge, and a good sense of self-ideology so that they know who and what to vote for.

The last, and possibly the most common misconception is that if one is not rich, they should not vote. Never go by this foolish statement. Social status in regards to wealth should never make one feel as if they cannot and should not vote. People often think that the rich vote to keep the lower class poor and the poor vote to make themselves rich. But when honest values are included in the voting scheme of things, none of this matters. IF a person votes from the heart and stays true to what they believe regardless of they believe and without outside influence, then wealth will never be an issue again.

It is important that the youth and younger generation(s) in our society go and vote because it is they who truly make a difference. Not to come across as negative, but the former generations are steadily passing and old ideals are fading into time. It is important that the young vote to change the future. So don’t wait for time to pass or don’t make excuses not to vote, go now, join the party and vote!