Winter 2018 - Austin, TX

Speak Up! Speak Out! State Civics Fair

Click the image above to see more photos from our 2018 State Civics Fair held at the Texas State Capitol Building. 

Winter 2018 5th Grade Awards

1st Place - Styrofoam Trays, Advanced Learning Academy, San Antonio
2nd Place - Littering, Bryker Woods, Austin
3rd Place - Disrespecting Cafeteria Staff,  Bryker Woods, Austin

Winter 2018 Middle School Awards

1st Place – Paw Squad, Westview Middle School, Pflugerville
2nd Place – Eagles 1, Young Junior High, Arlington
3rd Place – ParkingBryker Woods Elementary (6th), Austin

Creative Expression - Paw Squad, Westview Middle School, Pflugerville
Persuasive Speaking - ParkingBryker Woods, Austin
Passion for Change - Low Voter Turnout, Advanced Learning Academy, San Antonio
Innovative Thinking - Conservation, Harmony School of Political Science and Communication, Austin
Primary Research - Library Update, Advanced Learning Academy, San Antonio

Winter 2018 High School Awards

1st place - Shine The LightMarcus High School, Flower Mound
2nd Place - Positive PalsCRCA, Bastrop
3rd Place - C.L.E.A.N.CRCA, Bastrop

Creative Expression - Ugly Fountain of Truth, Del Valle High School, Del Valle
Persuasive Speaking - Sexual Harassment, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Austin
Primary Research - High School Dropouts, KIPP University Prep, San Antonio
Innovative Thinking - Financial Literacy, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Austin
Passion for Change - Northside Panthers, Northside High School, Houston