SUSO Teachers

Speak Up! Speak Out! 2018-2019 registration begins August 2018. 

If you'd like to receive registration information for the 2018-2019 Speak Up! Speak Out! program, please fill out the form here. You may also contact Korrine Young at (512) 471-7210 or           

Our goal is to provide teachers with tools and resources that will facilitate implementation of the SUSO project in classrooms. The lessons, reading materials, writing activities and resources provided can be used as a comprehensive unit of study or individually. We welcome comments and suggestions that will assist us in improving the project and supplemental materials.

Speak Up! Speak Out! Project Resources


Curriculum Materials for Middle School
(TEKS aligned for 7th grade Texas History & ELA)

Lesson One: Why Citizens Should Participate

Lesson Two: Who Is In Control?

Lesson Three: What's The Root?

Lesson Four: Have Data; Now What?

Lesson 4.5: Solution Development Supplemental Activity

Lesson Five: Implementing a Solution

Lesson Six: Presenting a Solution

Curriculum Materials for High School

Unit One: Community

Lesson One: Defining Community , Reading: Characteristics of Community

Lesson Two: Civic Responsibility, Reading: Civic Responsibility

Lesson Three: Economics of the Community, Reading: The Economy of a Community

Lesson Four: Problems Impacting the Community, Reading: Problems Impacting the Community

Unit Two: Working Toward Solutions

Lesson One: Citizens Creating Change, Reading: Citizens Creating Change

Lesson Two: Identifying Solutions, Reading: Identifying Solutions

Lesson Three: Working with Local Government, Reading: Working with Local Government

Lesson Four: Working with Organizations, Reading: Working with Organizations

Supplemental Reading

Communicating with the Community
Understanding the Media

Research Guide

Writing Activities