Political Pub Quiz and Networking After-Party

Political Pub Quiz and Networking After-Party

Do you know what President Obama has on his iPod?

How many signatures are on the Declaration of Independence?

What was the 3rd government agency that presidential candidate Rick Perry planned to dissolve if elected?

Test your political knowledge on questions like these and more at Political Pub Quiz!

New Politics Forum networking after-parties are a unique opportunity for young people from around the state and across partisan aisles to network with like-minded peers and get to know each other in a fun, relaxed setting. For the Texas Conference on Civic Life after-party on Saturday, November 9th, New Politics Forum hosted our first-ever Political Pub Quiz, a team trivia competition that tested participants' political knowledge. 6 teams of competitors were asked questions on themes such as "Famous Political "Oops!" Moments,"  "Who Said It? Quotes from Influencers, Activists, and Leaders," and "Pop Culture and Politics, to name just a few. 

The next Political Pub Quiz will be in 2014. We hope to see you there!