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Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Bootcamp

Since 2010, Campaign Bootcamp has produced hundreds of campaign staffers, office holders, and legislative gurus. Campaign Bootcamp is a three-day nonpartisan training that gives young people the opportunity to experience a practical introduction to what it's like to work on and run a political campaign.

Hands-on workshops are taught by active political professionals on topics such as campaign management, finding your campaign narrative, crafting your field plan, volunteer management, fundraising, and more.

The New Politics Forum's Campaign Bootcamp also features a unique, interactive component where participants work together on mock campaign teams to craft a real-life campaign plan for their candidate. At the end of the weekend, teams present their plans to our mock "Texas Campaign Commission" of political professionals to try and win their endorsement.

Texas Civic Ambassadors on the Moody College of Communications bridge.

Texas Civic Ambassadors

The Texas Civic Ambassadors Program seeks to identify and cultivate the next generation of civic leaders. During their year of service, each ambassador supports the Institute's mission of enhancing civic life on their campus or in their community. This year-long program focuses heavily on service learning and leadership. Ambassadors are tasked with completing independently-led educational outreach projects and attending leadership development workshops and trainings throughout the year. The New Politics Forum arms our Civic Ambassadors with the knowledge and tools necessary for carrying out these initiatives through multi-day trainings, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

Texas Legislative Intern Seminar

Texas Legislative Internship Seminar

The Texas Legislative Internship Seminar is a one-day, nonpartisan training that' was started in 2013 specifically for interns working at the Capitol, in district offices, or for lobbyist or advocacy organizations during the Texas Legislative Sessions. From professional behavior to the "ins-and-outs" of the legislative process, participants will have the opportunity to hear from professional practitioners from many different walks of Capitol life.

The event is free and open to all interested students, especially those interning in the Capitol during the upcoming legislative session.

Texas Tribune Festival

Students @ the Fest

The Texas Tribune Festival is a three-day event of debate and dialogue on Texas politics and policy. Speakers include top public officials, influential reporters, and other big names in politics. New Politics Forum Ambassadors attend the conference as on the ground correspondents and gain unique access to conversations and civic leaders guiding our state's and our nation's next steps.

Careers in Politics Conference

Careers in Politics Conference

This one-day, nonpartisan event offers the next generation of civic leaders the insiders' perspective about what it's like to have a career in public service and encourages participants to consider leadership roles in their community. Participants have the rare opportunity to connect with and learn from elected officials, political staff, government leaders, communication strategists, and nonprofit executives from across the Lone Star State.

Post-Election Debriefing

Post-Election Debriefing

The Post-Election Debriefing occurs every two years to coincide with mid-term and presidential election cycles. Post-Election Debriefings give participants the opportunity to hear from researchers, journalists, and campaign professionals about hot topics during the election.

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Annual Thought Conference

Every year the New Politics Forum produces a thought conference centered around a unique theme in politics, civic engagement, and community participation. In the past, conferences have explored civic technology, the partisan divide, civic life (social connectedness, political participation, and civic involvement), and citizen power.

Political Pub Quiz

Political Pub Quiz

New Politics Forum networking after-parties are a unique opportunity for young people from around the state and across partisan aisles to network with like-minded peers and get to know each other in a fun, relaxed setting. For the Texas Conference on Civic Life after-party on Saturday, November 9th, New Politics Forum hosted our first-ever Political Pub Quiz, a team trivia competition that tested participants' political knowledge.