2017 Social Media Ambassadors at TribFest

New Politics Forum

Our Social Media Ambassadors were able to attend a lunch with Washington Post journalist David Fahrenthold. Check out the photos here.

Our 2017-2018 Texas Civic Ambassadors also attended TribFest as Social Media Ambassadors!

Lily Trieu

Lily Trieu is currently a candidate for a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. She is concentrating in Social Enterprise and Public and Governmental Affairs during her graduate studies and is interested in a career at the intersection of the public and private sector. She hopes to use her private sector background to influence change and advocate for progressive values in Texas. Lily is an active part of Texas politics – she’s a Fellows Manager at Organizing for Action and has volunteered with progressive organizations such as Battleground Texas, Human Rights Campaign, Harris County Democratic Party, and Annie’s List.

Megan Menchaca

Megan Menchaca is a first-year student studying both Journalism and Government at the University of Texas at Austin, with which she hopes to eventually obtain a position as a political correspondent for either the Dallas Morning News or the Austin American-Statesman. She is super excited to be a NPF Social Media Ambassador for the Texas Tribune, because she has always had a passion for getting involved in Texas politics, due to the importance that municipal legislation and political activism has in improving the lives of those throughout her community.

Dariya Kizieieva

Dariya is interested in Texas politics, because she believes that a responsible citizen should be aware of the issues his/her place of residence has. Also, as someone who has lived in the capital of Texas, it was easier to become as politically active as Dariya is today. She wants to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and minor degrees in Business from The University of Texas at Austin, work for the world’s leading company such as Google, get on a list 30 under 30, become an entrepreneur and create her own company/ business/ advertising or PR agency, get a Master and Doctor’s degrees, and work as a professor or a dean at a higher institution.

Amy Harbourne

According to Amy, the complexity and diversity of Texas itself makes its politics consistently important and in need of redefining. Her interest lies in how much these politics affect the personal and economic choices of the public. Amy's school major is English/Humanities and her career goal is to be involved in and eventually in charge of marketing for an organization. She believes that not only is it important to understand politics for the benefit of oneself, but in marketing it's important to know how the public is changing and politics is one of the most influential causes of change. She hopes that she is not only able to successfully engage the public as a social media ambassador but also learn some new things herself as well.

James Treuthardt

James Treuthardt is UT Austin student double majoring in Business in The McCombs School of Business and Journalism in the Moody College of Communication. James is interested in Texas Politics due to how much it impacts his life every day. Growing up in a low-income household, policies Texas politicians passed could mark a huge change in his life, so it is important to him to stay involved and aware of Texas Politics. While James still isn’t 100% sure what he wants to do in the future, he is interested in potentially pursuing careers in political and financial journalism, law, or politics.

Angelica Ramirez

Angelica is a student at The University of Houston majoring in Political Science with a minor in Law, Values, & Policy. She was first introduced to Texas politics as a volunteer on various campaigns. She first worked on the Wendy Davis campaign as a junior in high school, and the rest was history. Since then, she's interned with State Senator Sylvia R. Garcia, started a chapter of IGNITE National at The University of Houston, and serves as high school Program Facilitator for the organization. IGNITE National strives to place political power in every young woman, and is building the next generation of political leaders. She will be interning with the Harris County District Attorney's office in the spring semester, and taking the LSAT in February. She wants to study and pursue a career in immigration law, and aspires to one day hold public office in Texas.

Michelle Landry

In her independent research, Michelle has pursued the issue of Voting Rights. Last year, she presented a paper at Texas A&M University’s student history conference comparing Williams v. Mississippi (1898) and Shelby v. Holder (2013). Voting Rights is a cause that is especially close to Michelle since Texas has passed the most restrictive voter ID laws in the country, and continues this effort of suppression despite this legislation continually being deemed discriminatory toward minorities. Her research as well as the current political climate here in Texas and nationally have led Michelle to believe that the best means of working toward eliminating voter suppression is to become an attorney.

Briana Torres

Briana Torres is a sophomore Plan II Honors student at the University of Texas at Austin. She has interned for the Texas Democratic Party and the Bexar County District Attorney’s office. Her experiences working on political campaigns and interning inspired her to apply to be a Social Media Ambassador at the Texas Tribune Festival. Briana believes that students should be given reliable and nonpartisan information. She hopes to pursue law and journalism. In her free time, she volunteers with It’s On Us and The SAFE Alliance; she also writes and acts.

Over Garcia

Over Garcia is currently a sophomore and political science major at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Throughout my educational career he has involved myself in Texas politics through campaigns, in order to use his knowledge and experiences to increase civic engagement in Texan communities. Communities are demographically rising through population, however, there is a disconnection between communities and both local, state, and national politics that results with majority of Texans not participating in elections. Over aspires to become a campaign manager in the future to work for genuine candidates that hope to fight for the betterment of the State of Texas, and change the negative stigma attached to the political process. Ultimately, through campaign work, he hopes to involve younger generations to be active in the political process and help them understand the importance of civic engagement.

Victor To

Victor To is currently a government major/economics minor at the University of Texas at Austin. Victor has been involved with and worked for a variety of organizations ranging from such groups like the C5 Youth Foundation where Victor has been a student,camper, and counselor, a student ambassador for the Asian American Pacific Islander Public Affairs Austin Chapter, and The NETCO Pflugerville Democrats where he currently serves as president. He also has experience working in local and state governments, and was recently the youngest person to ever run for Pflugerville City Council. He hopes to someday work in government and do his part in contributing to making the country a better place.

Christina Jansen

Christina is a Bay Area native attending the University of Texas at Austin. She worked for Hillary Clinton in Estes Park, Colorado last year where she met Mary Ibarra, whom she now interns for at Voto Latino. Since 2016 she worked on Rob Quist’s campaign in Montana and Jon Ossoff’s campaign in Atlanta as well as a city council race in San Antonio.

Camille Smith is a self described social justice advocate, who is interested in the merging of civic engagement and public policy. She has acted as community organizer and activist surrounding the issues of race, gentrification, and education in the Austin community. Camille believes in quality education for all, accountability and transperancy in leadership, empowered and engaged communities and courageous conversations. She also enjoys spending time with her family, being outside and the pursuit of all kinds of knowledge.