The Lebermann Forum

A Public Engagement Dialogue with KUT, KLRU, and the Annette Strauss Institute

Inspired by Lowell Lebermann's personal motto "get it done," The Lebermann Forum engages leaders on topics crucial to the health of our civic society. Our inaugural Lebermann Forum in November 2015 focused on civic engagement in Austin with a pre-release of findings from The Annette Strauss Institute's "Civic Engagement in Austin: Views on 10-1 Geographic Representation" report. The Lebermann Forum builds on the discussion started by The Annette Strauss Institute's "Why Bother" series. Stay tuned for information about our next forum.

Students from the Ann Richards School of Young Women Leaders produced a story for Lebermann Forum partner KLRU that examines how The University of Texas at Austin students feel about the upcoming election. We applaud these student journalists for their civic engagement efforts and congratulate them for their contributions to the political process. Click on the image below to access the video.

A photo of voters at the polls that links to the KLRU-produced news story