Great Conversations 2014

On April 22, we brought together a group of movers and shakers, a Who’s Who of political, business and community trailblazers, and let each lead a lively dinner conversation with nine lucky guests. The result was a memorable evening full of engaging conversations.

Great Conversations / April 22 2014 / AT&T Conference Center / The University of Texas at Austin

Thank you to everyone who participated in Great Conversations 2014.  The evening was exciting, engaging, and memorable - one that we won't soon forget!

Exciting dinner conversations were held on a variety of topics from Political Engagement and Policy to The "Changing Face of Texas" to Business, Sports, and Culture to Journalism and the Media
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Great Conversations 2014 from Annette Strauss Institute on Vimeo.

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Great Conversations 2015 will be on Tuesday, March 3 2015

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What is Great Conversations?

The intimacy of a small dinner party, the thrill of the red carpet. Great Conversations is a popular tradition at universities around Texas. Prominent business, political, and community leaders join authors and commentators to facilitate conversations on diverse issues and stimulating topics. Participants pick their desired topic and enjoy a thought-provoking and informative evening, sharing ideas and viewpoints with others. Sponsors are able to treat their guests to a unique, unforgettable experience and support a legacy of civic engagement.