Executive Communication Training

Are you an association executive? A business leader? A community advocate? A nonprofit director? Our mission is to empower individuals from nonprofits, political organizations, and NGOs to use strategic communication on behalf of the interests of their consumers and their communities. Our workshops are designed to support professionals already working in advocacy-related jobs, as well as those interested in pursuing a career in public leadership, by showing them how to cut through the noise of the 24-hour news cycle, online blogosphere, and crowded issue fields, by crafting a message that is sharp, disciplined, and resonates with the audience you need most.

Learning outcomes:

  • Create more engaging and effective presentations
  • Gain confidence in speaking in public and on camera
  • Develop clear messages that resonate with intended audiences

In order to maintain a hands-on, interactive environment throughout the training, seats are limited. Participants are invited to share presentations in a group setting and receive direct feedback from our trainers. Attendees also take part in mock TV interviews and have an opportunity to practice in front of the camera. Trainers review videos during the workshop session and offer direct feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The registration fee is $675 and includes all training materials, PowerPoint presentations, consultation opportunities, parking passes, and breakfast, lunch, coffee, and snacks throughout the training.

Feedback from our past participants

“Hands down, this is the best communications training in Austin.”

"I learned so much from this program! Media, presentation skills, and social media are all important aspects to my career and I have learned tips on how to perfect all of that. I highly recommend this class!"

"There’s a gap between what I think I’m communicating and what I’m actually communicating, and this workshop helped me understand and overcome that gap."

"I think the training does a great job in breaking down a complex topic and giving you tools to be a better communicator."

"For those who are not involved in executive communications, you should attend regardless. This program will help give you a weekend booster shot on communication."

Register today!

Date: January 12 - 13, 2022

Location: G. B. Dealey Center for New Media, The University of Texas at Austin

Registration: The program fee is $675. This includes all food (coffee, breakfast, and lunch on both days), event materials, and personalized advising time from trainers. 

Agenda: Browse our past agenda to review past event start and end times and general content.

To learn more about our training and possible group discounts, please contact:

Bianca Solis, New Politics Forum Outreach Program Coordinator
bianca.solis@austin.utexas.edu or call (512) 232-9439.

Please be advised that Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life events may be photographed and/or filmed. Your attendance constitutes your authorization for ASI to use your photograph, voice, or other likeness for purposes related to the mission of the program including but not limited to marketing and promotion in both print and electronic forms.

Please request ASL or ADA accommodation in advance by contacting Bianca Solis via email at bianca.solis@austin.utexas.edu.