About Digital Media Research Program

Digital Media Research Program
A combined initiative from the Moody College of Communication and the Annette Strauss Institute at the University of Texas – Austin

The core mission of this new systematic Research Program is to advance understanding among scholars, practitioners, policy makers, and the general public of today’s complex information communication technologies and media effects. In line with the overall mission of the Annette Strauss Institute, the DMRP aims to shed light on how new technologies of communication and innovative outreach can be used to increase political understanding and participation in democratic societies.

The DMRP serves as a unique and collaborative environment for faculty and students in the Annette Strauss Institute and the Moody College of Communication at large to conduct research. Thus, the Program also strives to train and help develop research ideas from a diverse body of graduate students within the Moody College of Communication.

Given the increasing influence today’s digital media landscape exerts over citizens’ civic life, DMRP will shed light on the impact of new communication technologies use (i.e., social media) and user-generated content with respect to several benchmarks of a healthy democracy: citizens’ political knowledge, political discussion and overall civic and political engagement. A particular focus of the DMRP is to compare digital media use of Latin American, Iberian and American citizens and how it influences both civic and political engagement as well as protest behavior.

Please browse the DMRP Web pages to learn more about the members, their individual interests and the research we are currently conducting.  If you are interested in participating in any of the projects and want to provide some feedback or comments, please contact us at dmrp@utexas.edu.

Thomas Johnson
Amon G. Carter Jr. Centennial Professor
Director, Digital Media Research Program 
Moody College of Communication
University of Texas at Austin