Dan Gattis/Patrick Rose Video Transcript

Dan Gattis/Patrick Rose Transcript

V/O: Described as divisive and inefficient, the political process is often portrayed in a negative light. But behind the scenes, legislators are solving the problems of the American people with compromise and cooperation.

DG: There is nothing in life that isn't political in some form or fashion.

PR: Political parties are what you make of them. This government is what you make of it. The government is only as good as the people who are involved in it.

DG: Learning politics is learning how to exist in society in today's life.

DG: I get here at the capital at about 6:30 -7:00 in the morning, which means I have to leave pretty early. I start by coming into this office. Getting the lay of the land and figuring out what the schedule is for today. On the appropriations committee, we start committee meetings fairly early in the morning.

PR: All the bills are referred by the Speaker to their respective committees and whatever committees you're assigned to that you sit on. You spend a lot of time listening to testimony hearing bills having bills introduced by your colleagues. To the committee, voting on those bills.

DG: If your not in a committee meeting, you'll have meetings w/ constituents, meeting with people on different issues, coming in this office and that will last usually until about 6-7:00 usually you have a dinner that you need to attend with somebody along those lines.

PR: The bulk of the time that you spend on the floor either debating or waiting or working or whatever it is, on the floor is toward the middle and later part of the session.

DG: There are some day though that our committee meets go til to 2, 3, 4:00 in the morning.

PR: And those are the long nights, those are when the very contested bills that have 150, 200, 250 amendments to them. And all the back and forth there so you get a lot of time on your seat on the floor.

DG: Its fun though.

DG: You cannot ignore the other side. The Democrats can not ignore the Republicans in the crafting of their legislation. The Republicans cannot completely ignore the Democrats in crafting their legislation, nor should they.

PR: And people, god help us, see things, sometimes the same thing, very differently. And that's a strength for us, not a weakness, I think. And our democracy should honor those differences and respect them.

DG: Each and everything we do in life is affected by the political process and is affected in some form or fashion by the legislature. The classes that you take in high school,

PR: what kind of schools that you have,

DG: what your requirements are to graduate,

PR: how much you pay in tuition,

DG: your job opportunities in the future