The American Trustees Project

A collection of documentary films and standards-aligned lesson plans that allow viewers to discover how citizens can be influential in the civic arena, what motivates people to change the world, and most importantly, helps viewers to uncover how they can become trustees of their own communities.

Democracy By the People from Annette Strauss Institute on Vimeo.

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Quotes from American Trustees

“I hear all the time, “I’m not interested in politics.” The person who says they’re not interested in politics is like a drowning man who says he’s not interested in water. What we do here impacts 20 million people every minute of the day, every minute of their lives.”
Lt. Governor Bill Ratliff

“Our future really depends on our future generation to get involved; to really take back the democracy. It is really up to all of us. And, I would really like to see each one of us take responsibility to our system. If I could do it, anybody could. And everybody should.”
Amy Wong Mok

“With 80% of the vote, if we did a youth voter turnout, we could overturn the election. I guarantee it. We could influence any election to our benefit or to the benefit of what is right and good for the country.” 
Charles Clymer

“I love business, I really do. I just think it’s possible to build a successful business and have a sense of social responsibility.”
Bernard Rapoport

"I think being a good citizen means taking care of the things that have been given to you; making life better, for not only yourself, but all of those people around you.” --Barbara Brown