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real-world engagement

Whether it's observing how young people interact with artificial intelligence or using data to understand cultural trends, our projects probe the real world through a mix of methods including ethnography, surveys, data analytics, and design-based inquiry.

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Because the real world is dynamic and complex research must be interdisciplinary and cognitively diverse. IMI, for example, works with designers, computer scientists, clinicians, social scientists, civic leaders, and industry to generate actionable insights.

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prototyping the future

While our research and knowledge building illuminates what is happening in the world today many of our efforts such as designing a digital platform for mental health or developing ethical AI reflect our commitment to building a better tomorrow.

Woke organization
In this day-long seminar, IMI examines what organizations can do to foster an environment that effectively addresses racial and social inequalities and move beyond rhetoric to real-world problem-solving.
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Generation Z in the workplace
Working with Human Dimensions of Organizations (HDO), IMI explores how the generational experiences, political values, and distinct cultural norms of young workers are transforming the future of work.
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young adults
As Gen Z enters the paid workforce, we study how the scarring effects of COVID-19 and longstanding forms of inequality impact their ability to launch their careers, build professional experience, and begin securing their economic futures.
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Designing the Future of mental health
As growing numbers of young people turn to technology such as social media and health-based apps to grapple with their mental health, a key question emerges: how do we design more relevant telehealth experiences for humans?
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IMI is collaborating with the IC2 Institute, a UT Austin based think and do tank that studies economic development, to explore how coworking spaces in small city districts are redesigning their mission in response to the pandemic.
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Kids on iPads
As artificial intelligence seeps further and further into the daily lives of children, this research considers how social and economic disparities and cultural differences shape children's engagement with AI-based systems.
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In this project, IMI collaborates with researches from psychology and computer science to design a support chatbot for women suffering from postpartum depression.
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