Coworking in a post pandemic world

Co-working in a Post-Pandemic World

What is the future of coworking spaces and by proxy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, in a post-pandemic world?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is far-reaching. The implications of the outbreak for work--How we work? Where do we work? Who works?--are serious. IMI is collaborating with the IC2 Institute, a UT Austin based think and do tank that studies economic development, to explore how coworking spaces are redesigning their mission in response to the pandemic.  The very premise of coworking spaces--constant networking, open spaces, close physical proximity to other entrepreneurs, and social gatherings--have all come into question as a result of the pandemic.  In this study, we examine how coworking spaces reinvent their mission to foster the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems and economic development in a post-pandemic world.