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About IMI


The Institute's mission is to translate research into action. The pace at which media is changing is unprecedented, creating both perils and possibilities. Whether it is through ethnographic, survey, or data analytics our research activities are designed to generate a clearer understanding of the social and behavioral implications of a rapidly evolving media and technology landscape. The Institute is also committed to design, practice, and innovation. More specifically, we do not just study the future of media and technology, we also invest in ways to prototype that future. Working with designers, storytellers, researchers, and engineers we believe our mission is to turn insight into action that models ways to build a more ethical, inclusive, and equitable society.


IMI works with a variety of organizations including academic units, non-profits, philanthropic, industry, and media.  Whether it is through consulting, joint research, strategic thinking, or education services we view these collaborations as an opportunity to learn, engage the broader public, advocate for more diversity and inclusion in media and tech, and help drive social change.