Lang Stuttering Institute

Student Leadership Organization

Our mission: “The mission of the Lang Stuttering Institute Student Leadership Organization (LSI SLO) is to unite students from diverse backgrounds and majors in order to educate, to advocate, and to spread awareness about stuttering through leadership and mentorship opportunities.”

Pay It Forward Program

One of the main ways we fulfill our mission is through the Pay It Forward Program which facilitates meaningful bonds between members of our organization and individuals of all ages who stutter. We also foster these relationships within the stuttering community by pairing adults who stutter with adolescents, adolescents with school-age children, and school-age children with preschoolers so that every single person involved in our organization is working towards leadership and mentorship development. By forming cohorts with these individuals and students from the LSI SLO, we maximize interaction between the UT and stuttering communities and provide more opportunities to practice communication effectiveness. Currently, cohorts are working collaboratively on a community outreach project to help spread awareness about stuttering.

Come to LSI SLO Meetings

Join our tight-knit community, engage with UT student leaders, and become advocates for the stuttering community through learning and hands-on involvement.

Our Student Research Assistants

Every semester we have 25 to 50 new undergraduate students and 10 to 20 new graduate students who help us to create new knowledge and to apply those advancements in the lab to our treatment. Please see the abbreviated list below of our most recent student research assistants below – we are actively updating our list and will continue to add names. We would like for all of the students who have helped us to know that we would not be able to pursue our mission without their exceptional dedication to excellence.


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Lang Stuttering Institute Student Leadership Organization


Lang Stuttering Institute Student Leadership Organization