Our Programs

Camp Dream. Speak. Live.

Camp Dream. Speak. Live. is our annual evidence-based intensive therapy program for children who stutter where increasing fluency is not the focus. The program has been proven to achieve the following for children who stutter: 1) increase their positive perception of their ability to establish peer to peer relationships 2) increase their communication competence and improve how they feel about their ability to communicate 3) enhance their leadership skills 4) lessen the influence of stuttering on their overall quality of life. 

Daily activities include advanced improv theatre training, creative action, glow bowling, open mic challenges, interactive art, and many other exceptional esteem building events. We invite you to view several news segments about our intensive treatment program and camp slideshow to experience the magic of Camp Dream. Speak. Live. where all of our campers who stutter learn to say what they what they want to say! "I would have given my life to have a camp like this when I was a child. Because of Camp Dream. Speak. Live. my son will never know the struggles I did." -Stephen Washington, Jr.

Camp Dream. Speak. Live. 2019 will be June 17th - 21st and is currently full. There is no set cost to attend, though we ask all families to make a donation to help expand our efforts as the waitlist of children from around the world want to attend far exceeds the number of children we are able to serve. Camp 2019 is full. You may submit a request for your child's name to be placed on the 2020 waitlist.

Camp Dream. Speak. Live. - Summer 2017 at UT Austin

Targeting Communication Excellence

Communicators of Distinction is our evidence-based treatment program that effectively targets core competencies to promote communication excellence in social, academic, and employment settings. "My experience at the Lang Stuttering Institute helped me to realize communication is not defined by fluency and that when you are confident and competent in your ability to communicate, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. Now, as a practicing lawyer, I hope to be an example to other children who stutter and to encourage them to never let their stuttering define their ability to communicate." -Chris Hefner

Parent to Parent

Our Parent to Parent program educates parents about how best to advocate on behalf of their children who stutter. "Our participation in the wonderful programs offered through the Lang Stuttering Institute was of extraordinary benefit to our son and our entire family. The knowledge and unwavering support they provide is remarkably inspiring. We will spend the rest of our lives seeking ways to give back all that has been given to us." -April & Keith White

Everyday Leaders

Everyday Leaders is our evidence-based leadership program that targets the development of skills in advocacy on behalf of self and others. "The Lang Stuttering Institute taught me that my voice matters and sharing my message of what I wish people know about stuttering can help the world be more accepting and understanding." -Will Johnson

Lang Stuttering Institute Future Fluency Specialists

The Lang Stuttering Institute Future Fluency Specialists Program provides undergraduate and graduate students as well as practicing clinicians with the opportunity to observe and assist our speech-language pathologists in their provision of best practice to children and adults who stutter. "The willingness to share as many resources as possible as well as their genuine encouragement and support of clinicians learning more about stuttering is one of the many things that makes the Lang Stuttering Institute so special." -Kari Lavelle, MA, CCC-SLP

Pay It Forward Mentorship

Pay It Forward is our evidence-based mentorship program wherein individuals of all ages help one another achieve communication goals, leading to enhanced empathy, resiliency, and self-confidence. "My affiliation with the Lang Stuttering Institute taught me that helping others helps me to value my experiences with stuttering. Paying it forward has given my life meaning." -Pratyush Singh

Lang Stuttering Institute Scholarship in Stuttering

The Lang Stuttering Institute Scholarship in Stuttering Program offers students at all stages of development with the opportunity to collaborate with our research team in the generation of new knowledge about the nature and treatment of stuttering. "How can I describe an impact so profound, empowering, eye-opening, and life changing? The gratitude I feel for my experience at the Lang Stuttering Institute is immeasurable. From the inspiring clients, I have learned that limitations only exist if you let them. From my research internship, I have learned to think critically and to always ask the "why" behind clinical practice. Now, I am eager to venture into unknown territory for the sake of discovery." -Robyn Croft

Lang Stuttering Institute Community Connection

The Lang Stuttering Institute Community Connection promotes awareness, sensitivity, and understanding of stuttering among professionals who may one day provide medical care, teach, work for/with or employ persons who stutter."The Lang Stuttering Institute is absolutely an amazing organization. Thank you for allowing me and my team to learn from and be a part of this exceptional program. Such an honor!" -Tracy Linsley