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Communication Excellence

Communication Excellence is our evidence-based treatment program that we offer year-round. The goal of this program is teach children and adults who stutter core communication competencies across a variety of functional as well as challenging environments. Results include increased self-confidence in communication abilities, reduced fear and avoidance behaviors, and increased listener perception of communication competence. The protocol for our Communication Excellence program has been manualized, and the positive results have been replicated worldwide.

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Communication Excellence Program

Camp Dream. Speak. Live.

Camp Dream. Speak. Live. is our annual evidence-based intensive therapy program for children who stutter that has been proven to achieve the following for children who stutter: 1) increase their positive perception of their ability to establish peer to peer relationships 2) increase their communication competence and improve how they feel about their ability to communicate 3) enhance their leadership skills 4) lessen the influence of stuttering on their overall quality of life. The protocol for Camp Dream. Speak. Live. has been manualized, and the positive results have been replicated worldwide.

Camp 2022 will be June 13th - June 17th, and the deadline to be added to the interest list is March 6th, 2022. Due to high demand, a lottery is conducted for all available slots. Those who have not previously participated will be given priority.

Camp 2022 Atlanta will be July 18th - July 22nd.

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Camp Dream Speak Live 2019

Parent to Parent

Our Parent to Parent program educates parents and caregivers on how best to advocate on behalf of their children who stutter and spread awareness about stuttering. The parents and caregivers within this program are educated on the nature of stuttering and learn how to help their child with communication outside of therapy.

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Parent to Parent

Everyday Leaders

Everyday Leaders is our evidence-based leadership program that targets the development of advocacy skills on behalf of self and others. Our Everyday Leaders are role models that share their perspectives and experiences with the goal of increasing confidence and resiliency in adults and children who stutter.

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Everyday Leaders

Lang Stuttering Institute Future Fluency Specialists

Whether you decide to specialize exclusively in stuttering or not, being able to demonstrate distinct knowledge and skills in this area for which most clinicians report to feel the least competent, is often the difference maker in securing competitive scholarships, externships and job placements. If you are interested in learning more about the experiential learning opportunities for which you could earn an official certification of completion from the LSI, please email us at

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Future Fluency Specialists

Pay It Forward Mentorship

Pay It Forward is our evidence-based mentorship program wherein individuals of all ages systematically help one another achieve communication goals, leading to enhanced empathy, mindfulness, self-compassion, and self-confidence.

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Pay it Forward

Lang Stuttering Institute Scholarship in Stuttering

The Lang Stuttering Institute Scholarship in Stuttering Program offers students at all stages of development the opportunity to collaborate with our research team in the generation of new knowledge about the nature and treatment of stuttering.

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Scholarship in Stuttering

Lang Stuttering Institute Community Outreach

The Lang Stuttering Institute Community Outreach program promotes awareness, sensitivity, and understanding of stuttering among professionals who may one day provide medical care, teach, or work for/with persons who stutter. 

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Community Outreach


Dream. Speak. GIVE.

With your tax-deductible support, we can help more people around the world to Dream. Speak. Live.

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