Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence: Initiatives


Undergraduate Learning Assistant (ULA) Program

The ULA program partners faculty with a student who has completed their class to work 10 hours a week and assists with instructional duties, office hours, research for class, test new assignments, tech support, and more. They also provide near-peer mentoring to help other students, currently taking the class, to be successful. 

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Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Inclusive teaching benefits all students and can be incorporated into any and all new and existing courses. This site provides small things that you can do to make your classrooms and your teaching more inclusive. 


Teaching Exchange

CATE will virtually host topic-focused events where instructors can informally raise questions, share ideas, and explore potential solutions. Each event will start with an experienced instructor sharing a success story, but the main focus will be dialogue, sharing, and exploration in a collegial, social atmosphere. The first Teaching Exchange events will be a series of Inclusive Teaching and Learning Brown Bag sessions.

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Aliayaé On The Street

Aliayaé Haynes is the Marketing and Communications intern for CATE. In this short series, Aliayaé (aka Aliayaé On The Street) interviews Moody College students about their experiences with teaching and learning in the College. Watch these short clips to hear more about their take on great learning experiences and what could make Moody even better!

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One Thing That Works

Hear from Moody faculty about how they are using small, easily implementable improvements to their classes to really make a difference in the learning experience for their students.

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New Faculty Support

CATE offers trainings for new faculty and graduate students at the start of each fall semester in addition to individual consultations and ongoing support to help new instructors get off to a good start.

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Kick It Up A Notch

Looking to boost your next class? Incorporate some new tools? Check out this set of short videos to learn some ways to make your classes pop.

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