Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence: Inclusive Teaching - Assess & Strategize


Whether you are new to thinking about and incorporating inclusive teaching strategies or a seasoned veteran, it is important to regularly assess what you are, and perhaps what you are not, doing to ensure your course design and classroom spaces are inclusive. It's likely that you are doing more than you think you are, but there is always room for improvement and growth.

We encourage you to take the self-assessment below and reflect on where you are excelling and where you might like to do more. 

Take the Inclusive Teaching Self-Assessment


Now that you've done some self-assessment and reflection, what will you do next? 

Hopefully you found that you're already using some aspects of inclusive teaching. It's likely you also found that there's more work to do. Inclusive pedagogy is an ongoing and evolving practice that is more cyclical than linear - assess, implement, evaluate, and do it all over again regularly. At CATE, we believe in a "small steps" approach and encourage you to consider 1-3 small changes you can make this semester that will improve inclusivity in your classroom.

Looking for inspiration? 

Hear from Moody faculty about how they are using small improvements to their classes to really make a difference for their students in our One Thing That Works video series. 

Inclusive Teaching Works!

She is so accommodating and wants to see her students succeed, and she really goes out of her way to ensure that every student feels safe and included in her class.

Student comment from the Moody Shout Outs