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Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence: Above and Beyond Awards

The Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence has selected the winning recipients of the Above and Beyond Awards. CATE is excited for the opportunity to recognize and reward the exceptional efforts of Moody College faculty in ensuring high-quality teaching and adaptiveness to the changing learning environment brought by COVID since March 2020.

We received 117 unique nominations for 58 instructors in Moody College. The following 10 recipients have each won a $1000 award to acknowledge and thank them for their hard work and creativity. Here's what nominators had to say...

Natalie Brown-Devlin

Natalie Brown Devlin | Assistant Professor in ADV & PR

Natalie was nominated for her remarkable techniques at mastering distance learning and her concentration on prioritizing students' needs in relation to creating course content.

Erica Ciszek

Erica Ciszek | Assistant Professor in ADV & PR

Erica was nominated for their ability to sustain an active learning environment and create an atmosphere of diversity and inclusivity in their teaching throughout the pandemic.

Joe Cutbirth

Joe Cutbirth | Assistant Professor of Instruction in CMS/CLD

Joe was nominated for his finesse in successfully revising and shifting the modalities of two Moody College courses—CLD 371 Communication Leadership Capstone and J348N Leadership in News Organizations—to fit the unique situation of teaching during COVID. His colleagues greatly appreciated his willingness to teach many Moody courses and his students surely benefitted from his hard work. 

M Holland

Madeleine Holland | Assistant Professor of Instruction in CMS

Madeleine was nominated for her efforts to go above and beyond to virtually connect with her students on a variety of different platforms. She also received recognition for her thoroughness in training and preparing her student assistants (TAs, ULAs). Likewise, she was highlighted for great clarity and organization in her course content.

Corinne Jones portrait

Corinne Jones | Assistant Professor in SLH

Corinne was nominated for her flair in sustaining and creating intriguing course content for her students to easily navigate during the pandemic. She attended multiple workshops and seminars on effective online teaching in order to adjust her course in a way that benefits her students greatly.

Moody Global

Octavio Kano-Galvan | Assistant Professor of Practice in ADV & PR

Octavio was nominated for his attentiveness to his students' needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. He established a classroom environment that was inviting and encouraged all students to participate; he expertly incorporated student feedback into the class and was flexible with online and in-person learning.

Karen Kocher

Karen Kocher | Associate Professor of Practice in RTF

Karen was nominated for her advanced virtual teaching techniques that produced extraordinary engagement among students. She did a terrific job of handling the challenges of being virtual and instructing an editing course that once relied on personally-connected pedagogy inside editing labs.

Matt McCutchin

Matt McCutchin | Assistant Professor of Practice in ADV & PR

Matt was nominated for his savviness in making learning during the pandemic bearable. Through his teaching methods, his eagerness to instruct and instill information in all of his students shined. He has also been appreciated for his contribution in building an SRS Online Transition site within Canvas that notably helped the ADV & PR school adapt to the virtual environment.

Tim Scott

Tim Scott | Lecturer in ADV & PR

Tim was nominated for the incredible, energetic atmosphere he brought to the classroom environment despite all odds. He has shown a great deal of ambition and energy when teaching his courses over Zoom, which paved the way for active learning. Specifically, he has been commended for his approach to teaching a three-hour class and still maintaining students' engagement.

Adrien Sebro

Adrien Sebro | Assistant Professor in RTF

Adrien was nominated for his success in building community among students and encouraging his colleagues across central Texas to develop more inclusive teaching strategies for their classrooms. Through prior and ongoing efforts, he has been committed to inclusive and innovative teaching strategies in undergraduate and graduate education.