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Graduate School Information

Thrive with CCS!

Considering graduate school? Going to graduate school is a huge investment of your time, money and energy, so it is important to make sure going to graduate school makes sense for you at this time. How do you know? Try answering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to go to graduate school?
  • What do you plan/hope to get out of the earning an advanced degree?
  • What are your personal/professional goals and how will graduate school help you achieve those goals?
  • Why is graduate school the most appropriate "next step" for you at this time?

If you weren't able to provide sound answers these questions, you are probably not ready to pursue a graduate or professional degree.

If you were able to provide sound answers these questions, we recommend the following:

  • Get advice from faculty in the academic fields you are considering for graduate study;
  • Visit with a CCS career advisor to discuss how graduate school can help you achieve your personal and professional career objectives;
  • Meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are on track to graduate;
  • Prepare to take the appropriate graduate school entrance exam(s) - GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT

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Helpful Online Resources

GMAT Online - A site with information on how to prepare for the exam, truths and myths about MBAs, profiles of MBA programs, and financial aid.

GRE Guide - An online source of GRE practice tests and other information.

GRE Online – A site where you can register for the test, get study tips, and take a practice exam.

7Sage LSAT Prep- A site with LSAT preparation tool.

UT Graduate School - A site containing everything you could possibly want to know about applying to graduate programs at UT.

Graduate School Planning Resources provided by the UT Sanger Learning and Career Center:

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  • Graduate School Questions and Timetables
  • Researching Graduate School Programs
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  • Curriculum Vitae Writing
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