Norman Campbell, major influence on the Southwest advertising industry, has been named one of the 1990-91 College of Communication Outstanding Alumni.

Campbell earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from The University of Texas at Austin.

Campbell joined TracyLocke as an account executive before eventually being elected president and CEO. He played a pivotal role in the agency’s acquisition by BBDO and would eventually be elected chairman and CEO of BBDO Worldwide. 

Campbell was also heavily involved in the Salesmanship Club of Dallas where he served as program chairman. The Salesmanship Club, a charitable organization that helps adolescents with emotional or behavioral problems, was Campbell’s way of giving back to society. The club gave Campbell the Cy Johnston Spirit Award for exemplifying tremendous drive, effort and participation. In addition to his contributions to the Salesmanship Club he served on the boards of a signage manufacturer in Grand Prairie, Texas, and a trust company.

In 1989 at 55 years old, Campbell took early retirement from chairman and CEO of BBDO Worldwide and moved back to Dallas. He had been with BBDO or its agencies for 25 years. Campbell then focused his energy as a residential real estate developer and investor in the hill country west of Austin in an exclusive community.