Declaring A Minor

Policies and Procedures for students in the Moody College who wish to pursue a minor.

The Moody College does not require our students to complete a minor, but you may elect to do so if you wish. The process that you must complete to declare the minor will vary depending on your catalog.

Students following the 2016-2018 catalog or a later catalog:

Students under the 2016-2018 catalog who wish to pursue a minor or a certificate should search the University's minor/certificate inventory to see what minors and certificates are offered. From this inventory, you can access each minor or certificate's webpage to the view the requirements of that program. You should read each program's application instructions and eligibility criteria carefully before completing the application.

The Moody College recommends Moody students who are considering a minor meet with their academic advisor to discuss their options and what impact it might have on their major coursework.

Students following the 2018-2020 and 2020-2022 catalogs may declare only one minor or certificate to supplement their Moody major(s) and must declare their minor/certificate intentions before they have completed 65% of their degree requirements.

Students following the 2022-2024 catalog may declare only one minor or certificate and must declare their minor/certificate intentions before they have completed 75% of their degree requirements.

Contact your academic academic advisor if you have questions about these policies.

When the department offering the minor or certificate approves a student, the student will receive a SAN indicating that there are “additional steps.” For Moody minors and certificates, this is not true. The process is complete. Moody will contact the student if there are further requirements.

All requirements for your minor or certificate before graduation. Incomplete credentials will be removed if all other degree requirements are satisfied at the time of graduation.

Students following a catalog prior to 2016-2018 should consult their Moody College academic advisor.

Policies regarding minors prior to 2016-2018:

  • A minor is optional in the Moody College of Communication; therefore, a minor is not required to complete a bachelor's degree in the Moody College of Communication. However, if you choose to complete a minor, you must complete it according to the requirements, policies, and procedures established by The University and the Moody College of Communication.

  • Students should meet with their assigned academic advisor to confirm their intended minor is a good combination for their degree.
  • Students may complete only one minor per Communication major.
  • Minor coursework must be completed in a single field outside of the Moody College of Communication
  • A minor consists of at least fifteen semester hours, including at least nine hours of upper-division coursework. Nine of the fifteen hours must be completed in-residence.
  • A course to be counted toward the minor may not be taken on the pass/fail basis, unless the course is offered only on that basis.
  • Only one course counted toward the core curriculum, prescribed work, and major requirements for the student's degree may also be counted toward the minor.
  • If the minor is in a foreign language other than that used to fulfill the foreign language requirement, the fifteen hours may be lower-division but must include at least nine hours beyond course 507 or the equivalent.
  • The Moody College of Communication allows the student to minor in any field outside the college in which the University offers a major. However, prerequisites and other enrollment restrictions may prevent the student from pursuing a minor in some fields. Before planning to use specific courses to make up the minor, the student should consult the department that offers those courses. Declaring a minor does not guarantee or grant students access to classes or seats in minor department courses.
  • Hours completed toward a minor will still count as hours attempted. Minor hours may make a student ineligible for the tuition rebate application, VA certification, or B on Time Loans if they attempt hours beyond 120 total hours. Students should see their academic advisor to confirm their continued eligibility for these programs. Program limits are not waived to accommodate minor hours.
  • If you are not meeting degree requirements due to a minor at the time of graduation certification, your minor will automatically be dropped in order to allow for degree certification.