Concurrent Enrollment/Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

Students must earn a grade of C- or better for a course to transfer to UT. For classes taken prior to Fall 2018, students must earn a grade of C or better. Transferred couses on the pass/fail basis will not fulfill core or degree requirements and will only count as electives. 

Important Information Transfer Credit

  1. You are encouraged to discuss your educational plan and course equivalencies with your academic advisor.
  2. You are responsible for determining that the external institution’s course will satisfy the degree requirement for which it is intended. The Automated Transfer Equivalency (ATE) system is a searchable transfer credit database that you can use to determine UT equivalencies.
  3. Courses taken at external institutions may not give the foundation necessary for future coursework in that field at UT. Select your courses carefully.
  4. UT Extension coursework (web-based and classroom) will count toward your UT GPA; transfer courses from other external institutions will not count toward your UT GPA.
  5. You must arrange for the external institution to send an official transcript to the UT Office of Admissions so that the course can be posted to your records. This process can take several weeks; we recommend that you request the transcripts as soon as you complete the course(s).
  6. Upon successful completion of your course(s), you must have an official transcript, with the completed course included, sent to the UT Office of Admissions. You may drop off your official transcript(s) in the Main Building, Room 7 or mail your transcript(s) to: The University of Texas at Austin; Office of Admissions; P.O. Box 8058; Austin, TX 78713-8058. (You do not need to request a transcript for UT Extension courses.)

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment refers to taking courses at an external institution--another university, community college, or UT’s University Extension program (online, web-based, or traditional classroom)--while you are also enrolled in classes at UT Austin.

Starting with classes taken in the Fall 2018 semester, Moody College students no longer need to notify the Student Advising Office if they are taking courses concurrently. 

Special Note for Potential Degree Candidates

Concurrent enrollment or earning transfer credit during the semester you plan to graduate may delay your graduation date and is strongly discouraged.

The process of transferring the completed course and its grade back to UT Austin can take up to several weeks. In order to guarantee that you may graduate during your intended semester (assuming that you successfully complete all coursework), the grade from the external institution must be recorded on your UT academic record by the last day of finals at UT Austin for that semester, as published in The University of Texas academic calendar. Moody College advisors cannot provide documentation to expedite a transcript from the external institution on your behalf (letters, emails, phone calls, etc.). The Moody College cannot guarantee your on-time graduation if your transferred courses and grades are not posted to your UT record by the last day of finals at UT Austin.

If the course and grade from any external institution is not posted to your academic record at UT-Austin in time to certify you for graduation during your intended semester, you will be required to apply to graduate In Absentia during the following semester or the semester in which you complete the work. It is your responsibility to contact your advisor to request In Absentia graduation paperwork. All bars must be cleared and all coursework must be posted at UT-Austin in order to apply to graduate In Absentia.