In cooperation with the School of Undergraduate Studies First Year Interest Group (FIG) program, Moody College of Communication FIGs seek to create and foster collaborative student communities formed around majors and shared interests. The Moody FIGs allow students to participate in an environment that cultivates a path to their academic success and to a four-year degree. Our curriculum has been specifically designed to support a holistic approach to learning that nurtures lasting connections to peers, faculty, staff, the Moody College and The University of Texas through academic, personal, and social components.

Each Moody FIG will include the following within its curriculum:

  • A visit from at least one Moody College of Communication faculty member in the students’ major
  • A peer-group panel by major
  • A presentation by Moody Communication Career Services, including registration with their office
  • A visit from a student organization related to the students’ major
  • An advisor-led registration discussion
  • A discussion on academic integrity that includes plagiarism and the UT Honor Code
  • A discussion of UT Academic Support Resources that includes a detailed discussion of the Sanger Learning Center, UT Undergraduate Writing Center / Moody Writing Support Program, and The Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling
  • A discussion of UT Personal Support Resources that includes a detailed discussion of the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center, UT Services for Students with Disabilities, University Health Services, and The Office of Student Financial Services / Moody College of Communication Scholarships

Students in the Moody FIG program find their freshman year to be one that is informative, enlightening, and fun. FIGs enable 17-25 freshmen to enroll in a weekly seminar and a cluster of two Communication courses (ADV, PR, RTF, CLD, CMS, CSD or J). In addition, FIG students will select two to three other courses of their choice to round out their schedule. The seminar portion meets once a week in our G. B. Dealey Center for New Media FIG conference room or another Moody College classroom and is led by a professional Moody Academic Advisor or other specially trained FIG Facilitators. FIG Student Mentors are also on hand to provide peer support during the weekly seminar.

FIG students historically have high GPAs and report feeling more connected to the University and the Moody College.