Transportation Options

Students are responsible for their own transportation arrangements to and from Los Angeles and during their stay in the city, along with all costs related to their transportation. Public transportation is always an option (information is provided in the UTLA student Handbook) but most students elect to bring their own cars, in order to get to their internship, which may not be accessible to public transportation.

Students who elect to drive their own car to Los Angeles can expect to spend in the range of $1,950.00 for fall and spring semesters and $1,650.00 for summer semesters. Gasoline expenses ($60 per week) are included in those estimates.

Students who elect to fly to Los Angeles and rent a car there, can expect to spend approximately $300 round trip on air fare and $3,300.00 for fall and spring semesters, or $2,400.00 for summer semesters on auto rentals. Auto rental expenses are calculated on a rental rate of $600/month ($2100 in the fall and spring semesters/$1500 in summer semesters), and gasoline expenses of $60.00 per week. Note: Car rental rates currently range from $500.00 to $800.00 per month.

Commuting in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Metro
Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

Car Rental Locations

Shipping Companies

Some students elect to ship their car to Los Angeles to save driving wear and tear on their car. Companies used in the past include:

These lists are provided as a service to students, this does not constitute an endorsement by The University of Texas at Austin.