Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid (UT Students)

Students of The University of Texas at Austin who receive financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Services may apply their awards toward the cost of participating in the Semester in Los Angeles program. Students not currently using financial aid who are interested in applying for it, are encouraged to do so. 

Students are also strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships through the University, individual colleges and academic departments to help defray costs associated with participation in the UTLA program. A special Wofford Denius Scholarship is available to students in the Moody College of Communication who are participating in the Semester in LA Program each semester. For summer semesters, students may apply for the Sheryl Levine Guterman Scholarship. Finally, students who are interested in pursuing an internship related to the music industry may also be eligible to apply for a Wofford Denius Music Industry Internship Grant (applies to summer semester only). 

Financial Aid & Scholarships (Other Students)

If you are currently receiving and/or planning to seek financial aid to help finance your Semester in Los Angeles program with The University of Texas, you should contact a financial aid officer at your home campus immediately to determine what aid will apply to this program. All forms of aid must be processed through your home campus financial aid office. University Extension at The University of Texas at Austin will confirm your participation in a full-time program of study in the Semester in Los Angeles program.


Covered expenses

Guaranteed student housing in the Oakwood apartment complex, within walking distance of the UTLA Center;

On-site orientation shortly after arrival in Los Angeles;

Welcome and closing events/meals;

UTLA handbook;

Most course materials;

Around the clock access to program staff in case of emergencies;

Access to UTLA center resources, computer lab and online entertainment resources;

Permanent access to a database of employers and an electronic job/internship updates;

Program-related visits in the LA area;

Administrative and instructional costs associated with offering a program off campus.


Not Included

Transportation to and from Los Angeles;

Local transportation;

Books (calculated at $50, as most course materials are included);

Meals, entertainment and incidentals. The estimate provided is a high-end
estimate, but this varies by student;

Health insurance. All participants are required to have health insurance coverage
for the duration of the semester of participation.



I've never received financial aid before; am I eligible?

Don't be discouraged about participating in the program due to financial reasons. Consider external scholarships, and investigate the possibility of a student loan. Even if you have not previously received financial aid, you may be eligible. For more information, visit your financial aid office.