Diana Kerew

Lecturer, "Development Process of Film and Television"

Diana is an Emmy Award winner who has been both a Producer and a Production Executive and knows both the buying and the selling sides of the business (i.e., developing & pitching as well as casting, producing & nurturing a project into exhibition and distribution). With a substantial history in the television industry, she has worked in all phases of the business, from line production to the executive suite. She is intimately familiar with all phases of production from budgeting through post. She has executive produced over 50 films for television. With her development expertise, Diana has the ability to help a writer shape a script and move it to greenlight status. Her films have won every major award: Peabody Award, 10 Emmy's, 26 Emmy nominations, DGA, WGA, Christopher (4), Ohio State (2), Humanitas Finalist (3), and NAACP Image.

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Diana Kerew from Phil P Nemy on Vimeo.