Program Dates, Calendars, and Timelines

Spring 2019 | Summer 2019 | Fall 2019

Mission Statement

The Denius Center’s mission is to introduce students to the working world of the entertainment industry, and to the people and places who make things happen in Hollywood. Through a combination of working internships with prominent companies, courses taught by working professionals, and guest lectures by prominent industry experts, students get the chance to gain the skills and contacts that will make a career in film, television, music or new media possible. Every alumnus of the program comes to Hollywood with a real sense of where and what the jobs are, who to call, and how to present themselves. It is the goal of the program to translate theory into reality, to enable students to start their careers, and to offer real-world support as they begin their journeys.

Acting Leadership of UTLA:

Ms. Mira Lippold-Johnson, an RTF faculty member will serve as acting program manager and will relocate to Los Angeles in January to assume this role. Prof. Lippold-Johnson is a graduate of Harvard University and holds an MFA in film production from The University of Texas at Austin. She has worked as a cinematographer, animator, producer and editor. Her work, which focuses on the internal struggles of courageous women, includes an award-winning short, “The Letter E,” and her recent short drama “Bad Things” won a grant from the Austin Film Society. Prof. Lippold-Johnson’s experience will provide UTLA students with the necessary leadership and the practical experience that will enhance their participation in the program.  

In addition, Ms. Heather Siemienas, who joined Moody College last July to work on alumni relations from the Denius UTLA Center will now also serve as acting assistant UTLA program manager. In addition to her current duties, Ms. Siemienas will engage daily with UTLA students and help Prof. Lippold-Johnson to oversee the operation of the Center. Ms. Siemienas is a graduate of Syracuse University and holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University.