Student Spotlight: Andrew Orticio

“Amidst a freshman year of Covid-19 and a hefty workload of core and lower division classes, I was struggling to find an outlet that fulfilled me creatively. I’m very passionate about film, fashion, and self-expression, but felt like none of my classes allowed me to display this. So, in December of 2020, I started my own vintage clothing business, Dorm Room Dimes, which has been more fulfilling than I had ever imagined. What started off as a clothing rack of thrifted clothes in my dorm room has turned into a business with over 350 items sold, constant restocks of curated inventory, and popups nearly every weekend. I truly believe that vintage clothing is great for sustainability purposes, self expression and wearing something only you can, and nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone on campus wearing a shirt I sold them. I can’t wait to see where this little business out of my freshman dorm room may take me.”

honors student andrew