Small Community Big Ideas

One of the founding principles of the Moody College Honors Program is the desire to foster well-rounded students with the courage to take on the big and enduring questions of communication and society. This often means getting involved in communities outside of one’s immediate experience, and we encourage this by having our students use their talents as thinkers, writers, and leaders for learning and dialogue outside the classroom.

Whether it be mentoring incoming and at-risk students, planning and hosting enrichment activities, acting as a tour guide for prospective students, or doing community outreach, service experiences will prepare students to be tomorrow's leaders in human communication and media.

The development of service activities and their requirements is ongoing, but Moody Honors students will have the opportunity to participate in some of the activities below, or propose their own ideas for service projects for consideration by the Honors Faculty Committee.

☆ Mentoring in-coming and at-risk students

☆ Being guides and ambassadors of the college for prospective students and special events

☆ Coordinating enrichment activities

☆ Acting as a liaison to in-coming and minority students

☆ Serving on the Honors Student Advisory Council

☆ Volunteering with the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement to help underserved Austin communities

☆ Details on service options and procedures will be announced in the coming months.