Communication and Leadership: Leadership Archive


Leadership Archive

The Communication and Leadership Archive is a new research tool and resource directed by Professor Barry Brummett, who contributes to the capstone course in the Communication and Leadership degree program. He is also former chair of the Communication Studies Department and the Charles Sapp Centennial Professor in Communication. The leaders featured in the archive represent a wide array of professions and industries, but they all share one key characteristic--they led positive change for the social good. The entries in the archive explore the challenges in leadership and communication that the leaders have faced or are currently facing. They also provide links to outside articles, biographies, speeches, and other writings as a starting point for further research and analysis of these people who have contributed to the public welfare through their leadership. The Archive is not complete, and it probably never will be because the number of leaders who have contributed to the social good is enormous. However, Communication and Leadership students will continually be augmenting the entries in the Archive.

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