Intellectual Entrepreneurship: IE Pre-graduate School Internship

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Expand Your Educational and Professional Opportunities

The IE Pre-Graduate School Internship provides undergraduates with an immersive experience of being in graduate school, empowering them to explore graduate school and the career options it makes possible. Undergrad Interns are paired with graduate student mentors and/or faculty advisors who guide their internship. Benefits of the Internship include:

  • Experiencing first-hand what it's like to be in graduate school.
  • Discovering the opportunities a graduate degree provides.
  • Developing skills necessary to succeed in graduate school.
  • Creating materials that make an appealing graduate school applicant.
  • Learning how to stay resilient and build a career in the current economy.

How the Internship Works

IE Interns work directly with faculty and veteran graduate students in their field of study to explore those unique aspects of graduate study that make it distinct from the undergraduate experience (e.g., conducting research, writing for scholarly audiences, participating in seminars, serving as teaching and research assistants, publishing articles in professional journals, becoming members of scholarly organizations and learned societies, preparing for an academic or professional career, etc.). In most cases the intern will work primarily with the graduate mentor and secondarily with a faculty supervisor.

The Pre-Graduate School Internship is available to all undergraduates at UT-Austin in all colleges and schools. Internships are based on the ability of the student to find and gain the consent of a faculty member and/or graduate student willing to supervise the internship.

Internship projects, assignments and tasks are determined through negotiation between students and faculty supervisors and/or graduate student mentors; internship contracts ensure that there is both structure to and accountability for the experience.

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There are no strings attached to internships. Participation does NOT guarantee admission for graduate study. In addition, the relationship among the undergraduate, faculty supervisor and graduate student mentor can be very informal; while a particular faculty member or graduate student will serve as the internship supervisor, the internship might involve contact and work with several faculty members and graduate students.

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