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Maymester Abroad in Prague

Program Type: Maymester Program (353005)
Dates: This program will meet on campus in the spring, and meets in Prague from end of May to end of June in 2013.
Application Deadline: November 1 for the following spring.
Language(s) of instruction: English
UT instructor: Professor Dennis Darling
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The Prague Photojournalism Maymester Abroad Program offers a unique opportunity to advanced, intermediate and beginning photographers to apprentice with UT journalism professor Dennis Darling, while learning about the art, architecture, film and history of Prague and the Czech Republic. This course consists of lectures on documentary photographic techniques and aesthetic principles as well as practical work on location. During the classroom sessions your photographs will be analyzed and critiques will offer direct feedback on content, storytelling, creativity and the technical aspects of your images. Although the images for class will be made digitally, you may also shoot film-based images (digital cameras will be available to students who require them). A number of field trips, guest lecturers and gallery visits are part of this program.

The ancient city of Prague is the Capital of the Czech Republic. This "once again" new nation is one of the most recent members of the European Union. Prague has been a European intellectual capital since the 14th century and home to one of the first universities founded in Europe where international students studied in Latin. Prague has been an inspiring and stimulating place in which to study for more than 600 years.

Prague is also lavishly beautiful city with its architecture and city plan. It is an architectural wonderland with 1000 years of architectural styles crammed into a relatively compressed piece of real estate. Prague was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992. The city's historic center is unparalleled in Europe. Within the city limits you can experience Romanesque rotundas from 900 A.D., Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces, Baroque churches, magnificent collections of Cubist and Art Nouveau structures and, thrown in for good measure, the contemporary architecture of American master Frank Geary, many within a stones thrown of one another. Although the photographs made for this course will not be primarily concerned with architecture, this superb amalgam of structures will serve as unique visual anchors to many of the activities you will be documenting photographically during the course of the semester.


Open to undergraduate and graduate students (all majors) of The University of Texas at Austin who are in good academic standing. Recommended minimum 2.25 GPA for undergraduate students (3.0 for graduate students). Students with all levels of photography experience are welcome, from beginners to advanced. There are no course prerequisites.

Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the Study Abroad program. An applicant's total educational and disciplinary record, educational objective, professional attitude, level of preparedness and interpersonal maturity, advisor recommendations, special talents, personal preparation and personal achievements may be considered in the selection process. The University reserves the right to interview the student during the application process and to deny acceptance to any applicant for any reason the University determines to be material to the applicant's qualifications.


Students enroll in one of the following courses for 3 hours of UT-Austin in-residence credit:

  • Documentary Photography J 330J (undergraduate)
  • Documentary Photography J 395 (graduate)

Students must register themselves for the spring courses during the fall registration access period, and before the application deadline. Registration does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

The Documentary Photography course will consist of lectures on documentary techniques and aesthetic principles as well as practical work on locations. Weekly assignment will be given along with deadlines and students are expected to do photographic coverage the stories and submit their work to the paper in a timely fashion.

There will be a number of fieldtrips and gallery shows that you will be required to attend. During the lectures, your photographs will be analyzed and critiques will offer direct feedback on content, storytelling, and creativity. Technical problems will be diagnosed and hopefully corrected. Although the images for class will be made digitally, you are welcome to shoot film-based images. The principal aim of the course is to build your visual storytelling skills and to create a photographic portfolio that shows your own unique view of Prague.

*Graduate students interested in taking this course should contact their Graduate Coordinator about the applicability of this course in their program of study.


Apartment-style accommodation arrangements are made in advance and are included in the program fee. Attend an information session for details.

Estimated Expenses

Application Fee: $50
Program Fee: $3750
Books and Materials: $100
Food: $400
Airfare: $1400
Local Transportation: $25
Personal Items: $200
Medical Insurance: $76
Passport: $135
Emergency Funds: $500
Total: $ 6,636

Tuition rates vary by student status and registration details. Once registered for spring semester, tuition & fees refunds will be applied according to University policy (flat rate tuition applies for undergraduate students, graduate students pay per credit hour).

The Program fee includes onsite orientation, accommodations, study abroad health insurance, onsite student services (24/7), metro/bus pass for city transport. Students will be lent a cell phone at no cost but will pay for their calls with prepaid cards. Miscellaneous expenses may include, but are not limited to immunizations, city travel, extra meals, and personal entertainment. Miscellaneous expenses will vary by student.

Cameras will be available to students who require them, through the UT Study Abroad Office.

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1. Contact the UT Study Abroad Office by phone, 471-6490, to request access to the online application (please provide your UT EID).

2. Are you ready to apply? Follow these steps.

3. Complete the online application by the priority deadline of November 1.


For study abroad advising/course/degree planning, see your academic advisor.

For more information on this program, please attend an information session, or contact Dan Siefken.