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Communication and Culture

As part of the prescribed work for all degrees, students must complete three semester hours of coursework in the Moody College of Communication dealing with the study of communication issues concerning at least one minority or nondominant group within the United States. Courses used to fulfill this requirement may also be used to fulfill the cultural diversity in the United States flag requirement and other degree requirements.

These lists are subject to change.

List of Approved Courses for Summer 2015

First Session
J        f341F       Undrstndng Afr Amers/The Media
CMS  f366F       Rhetoric of Film            


Second Session
ADV s353         ADV & Public Rels Law & Ethics -WB (same as P R 353)
CMS s349M      Adv Analysis of Popular Culture – WB
P R    s353         ADV & Public Rels Law & Ethics -WB (same as ADV 353)

List of Approved Courses for Fall 2015

ADV  316     Creativity & American Culture
ADV 353      Advertising and PR Law and Ethics (same as PR 353)

CSD 308K    Perspectives on Deafness
CSD 314L    Sociocul Bases of Communicatn

CMS 314L    Lang Communicatn & Culture-W
CMS 347K    Rhetoric of Popular Culture—WB
CMS 359      Lang, Culture, Comm of Hip-Hop
CMS 367      Difficult Conversations

J 341J           Minorities and the Media
J 343F          Journalism and Religion
J 348D         Gender & the News
J 351F          Journalism/Socty/Citzn Jrnlst

PR 353         Advertising and PR Law and Ethics (same as ADV 353)

RTF 359       Asian American Media Cultures
RTF 359       Latinas/os & US Media


List of Approved Courses for Spring 2015

ADV     353         ADV & Public Rels Law & Ethics (same as P R 353)
ADV     378         Integ Comm in Latino Entertainment-WB
ADV     378         Pop Music as Social Advocacy
ADV     378S     Sports/Media/Integ of Amer Soc

CSD     314L     Socio-cultural Bases of Communication
CSD     360M     Communication and Deaf People

CMS     314L        Language, Communication & Culture
CMS     340K     Communication and Social Change
CMS     367        Race, Ethnicity and Comm

J         334F     Oral History as Journalism
J         341F     Understndng AFR Amers/The Media
J         348D     Gender and the News
J        349T        Multicultrl Citizen Journalism

P R     353         ADV & Public Rels Law & Ethics (same as ADV 353)
P R     378         Integ Comm in Latino Entertainment-WB
P R     378         Pop Music as Social Advocacy  
P R     378S     Sports/Media/Integ of Amer Soc

RTF     316M     Race, Ethnicity, and the Media
RTF     335         Race/Class/Gender in Amer TV
RTF     359         Media Represen & Consumer Cul
RTF     366K     Topic 4: East Austin Stories

• Sections of courses meeting with departments outside the College of Communication apply only if taken under the communication course listing.

• A 2.25 GPA required for all upper-division courses.