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Communication and Culture

As part of the prescribed work for all degrees, students must complete three semester hours of coursework in the Moody College of Communication dealing with the study of communication issues concerning at least one minority or nondominant group within the United States. Courses used to fulfill this requirement may also be used to fulfill the cultural diversity in the United States flag requirement and other degree requirements.

These lists are subject to change.

List of Approved Courses for Summer 2016

First Session

CMS  f366F  Rhetoric of Film (CD)
J f310F  Reporting: Words (CD) (WR)
RTF f301N Social Activism in Film

Second Session

ADV s353          ADV & PR Law & Ethics-WB (same as P R 353) (EL)
CMS s349M      Adv Analysis of Popular Culture - WB (II)
J s341F        Undrstndng Afr Amers/The Media (CD)
P R s353      ADV & PR Law & Ethics – WB (same as ADV 353) (EL)


List of Approved Courses for Fall 2016

ADV  316     Creativity & American Culture
ADV 353      Adv & Public Rels Law and Ethics (EL)
ADV 378      Exploring Food/Urban Change (CD/EL/II)

CSD 308K    Perspectives on Deafness (CD)

CMS 314L    Lang, Communication, & Culture (CD/WR)
CMS 347K    Rhetoric of Popular Culture – WB (CD)
CMS 359      Lang, Culture, Comm of Hip-Hop (CD)
CMS 371D   Difficult Conversations (CD)

COM 370     Senior Fellows Symposium (restricted to Senior Fellows students) (CD/WR)

J 310F          Reporting: Words (CD/WR)
J 343F          Journalism and Religion (CD)
J 348D         Gender & the News (CD/WR)

P R 353        Adv & Public Rels Law and Ethics (EL)

RTF 323C    Screening Race
RTF 359       Asian American Media Cultures (WR/CD)
RTF 359S     Documenting Difference (CD/WR)
RTF 359S     Latina Feminisms and Media (CD/WR)     
RTF 359S     Gender and Fan Culture (WR)
RTF 365       Globalization and Social Media (GC/WR)

(CD) - Cultural Diversity flag, (WR) - Writing flag, (EL) - Ethics and Leadership flag, (II) - Independent Inquiry flag

• Sections of courses meeting with departments outside the College of Communication apply only if taken under the communication course listing.

• A 2.25 GPA required for all upper-division courses.