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2016-10-18 13:23

Lore and Legacy of the Texas Legislature


A comprehensive, first-time look at civic and political engagement in Texas

2016-10-28 11:21

A broad-ranging survey on the topics of journalism, the media, politics, civic engagement, discussion networks and communities.


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White House Young America Series

Past Event: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Goals for the White House Young America Series at UT-Austin:

  1. Convene Texas’ most innovative, entrepreneurial and inspiring young people who are addressing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century and offer a space for meaningful engagement and interaction with key decision-makers;
  2. Identify the issues affecting young people in Texas, highlight examples of what youth leaders are already doing in their communities and articulate a shared vision of the future;
  3. Connect youth participants with each other to share specific tools to amplify and leverage community solutions.

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Watch archived video of the livestream from the event below.
Download complete information packet, including FAQs and event agenda here.