High school students trained as civic ambassadors

Deborah Wise and Sinda Nichols, director of educational outreach and Speak Up! Speak Out! program manager, trained over 40 students on the importance of voting and civic engagement at the annual Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Peer Education Training in Dallas. 

The FCCLA Peer Education Training invites students to become peer educators by developing a deeper understanding of important teen issues, including voter disengagement and declining civic involvement, and gives them the tools to create their own presentations on these pressing community needs.  After the training, the students become “civic ambassadors” and will spend the fall and early spring semester out in the community conducting mock elections, workshops, presentations, and/or voter registration drives with their student chapters.  Wise and Nichols’ impact doesn’t stop with the 40 students at the FCCLA training.  Each civic ambassador has committed to reach at least 50 people which means over 2,000 young citizens will be inspired to get involved this year. 

- FCCLA civic ambassadors, Sept. 2012