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Understanding and overcoming obstacles to civic engagement through research and educational outreach

2016-10-18 13:23

Lore and Legacy of the Texas Legislature


A comprehensive, first-time look at civic and political engagement in Texas


Providing news organizations with research-based techniques for engaging digital audiences

Creating More Voters and Better Citizens


The Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life

donateSeeking to understand and overcome obstacles to civic engagement through scholarly research and nonpartisan educational outreach.

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The Texas Civic Health Index provides a comprehensive, first-time look at civic and political engagement in Texas.


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The Engaging News Project researches commercially-viable and democratically-beneficial ways to improve online news.

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The Campaign Mapping Project is a multi-year attempt to assemble campaign materials produced during presidential elections between 1948 and 2012, as a guide to understanding the direction of American politics.

Jump to the report on the 10-1 system of geographic representation.
Registration is now open for our upcoming conference, Civic Life in the Cyber Age. Join us to discuss how technology is being leveraged to enhance civic participation as well as the many limitations that come with these new avenues of digital engagement.

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The Digital Media Research Program aims to shed light on how new communication tech can be used to increase civic participation. 

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Speak Up! Speak Out! is an innovative civic education program for middle and high school students designed to teach young people about their communities and help them discover the many ways they can make a difference.

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