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Reporting on our Changing Environment: Queensland, Australia

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Don't worry about today---it's already tomorrow in Australia!

Program Description

Welcome to our Reporting on our Changing Environment: Queensland, Australia multimedia website. From May 28th to June 22nd, 2016, 17 outstanding University of Texas students join Dr. Kris Wilson for a month of reporting on the impacts of climate change down under. The website includes reporter blogs for each of the students, a section on climate science and tabs for each of our locations.

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The environment varies tremendously from place to place, and it is conceptualized very differently among individuals and cultures. According to research, environmental stories are consistently among the most important and interesting topics; however, the way media report about these issues does more than inform and entertain. Quality environmental journalism has the potential power to shape public policy. Global climate change is arguably the most important issue of our time and represents one of the “hottest” topics in both the scientific and environmental journalism fields.

This seminar examines the environment of one of the most exotic, isolated, and ecologically diverse places on Earth: Australia. Based in Brisbane, students travel in the state of Queensland with science experts to visit three distinct ecosystems, each of which is experiencing dramatic impacts of climate change: one of the oldest sub tropical rainforests on the planet, an inland desert in the Outback and the most extensive coral reef on Earth.

The course operates as an intensive reporting and writing seminar with the goal of producing content across all media platforms for publication on this website. The goal is to hone students’ storytelling skills across media platforms while sharpening understanding about scientific and environmental issues. Armed with digital cameras, audio recorders, computers and notepads in the company of scientific experts and field guides, this program facilitates one-of-a-kind storytelling. Check out our locations below and our reporting on the tabs above and join us in the land down under!

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Where We Go

Dr. Kris and his 2016 Reporting Australia group visit the Great Barrier Reef, the subtropical rainforest, and the outback region in their eco-friendly journey down under.

The 17 students start their summer (winter) in Brisbane, which served as a base for their eastern travels. After visiting the downtown area, museums, media companies and an animal sanctuary, the group headed off for their first adventure beyond Brizzy.

Check out the tabs above to read more about their journey through four distinct Australian environments.