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Why You Should Intern

Internships are intended to supplement your academic foundation with practical experience in a professional environment. You have the opportunity to learn or reinforce valuable skills while:

  • gaining professional experience to strengthen your repertoire,
  • building a network of valuable industry contacts, and
  • developing the business skills necessary to succeed in a competitive environment.

According to a recent survey of the nation's 1,000 largest companies, 47% rated "experience in the profession" as the most important aspect in hiring recent college graduates. In contrast, only 18% and 17% rated "type of degree" and "GPA", respectively, as most important.

The first step to finding an internship is knowing what type of experience you wish to gain. Once you have defined your goals, decide where you want to be. Hollywood or New York? Austin or Houston? Once you have established your focus, you are ready to begin your search. The following resources are available to communication students:

  • CCS has offers many internship resources. We post over 1,600 internship opportunities; offer an internship search engine via CareerSource; house a library complete with internship books, directories, industry publications & career resources; and offer students one-on-one advising to assist in the search and preparation for internships.
  • AccessUT - university wide job and internship posting site, available at
  • Contacting Employers Directly - contact information may be found in the variety of directories available in CCS so that you may inquire directly to the company of interest about internship positions/programs.
  • College of Communication Departmental Websites - links to many communication industry related sites around the nation as well as relevant sites in the Austin and UT community.

If you're hoping to earn academic credit for your internship, please visit this webpage.

CCS also is available to assist students with:

  • designing & organizing resumes in order to create a more competitive & creative application;
  • structuring application documents to reflect the target organization/position; and
  • setting goals for experiential development during and after your academic career.

Special Internship Programs

UT Semester in LA Program

Semester-long program in Los Angeles that combines academic study and internships in the entertainment capital. Applications are available for fall, spring & summer semesters. 

The UT System Archer Center Semester in Washington DC Program

Semester-long program in Washington DC that combines academic study and internships in our nation's capital. Applications are available for Fall & Spring semesters. Sponsored by the School of Undergraduate Studies.

Wofford Denius Music Industry Internship Grants

The Denius grants provide up to $8,000 of financial assistance to Communication students pursuing summer internships in the music industry in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville or New York.